Jerry and Shankar returned to work together for the first time after the divorce

Kathmandu- After five months of divorce, there has been a musical collaboration between Babita Baniyan Jerry and Shankar Chhetri. These two have given voice to a song which is being filmed. Both have also done modeling in the video.

Live Dohori style song is being filmed at a banquet in Kalopul. The lyrics of the song are written by Jerry and Shankar has collaborated with him in the singing. The relationship of these two was divorced in Kathmandu District Court on 24th Kartik.

‘We have come as an exception to the practice of not looking at each other, not being seen and speaking badly after divorce,” said Shankar, who met us on the filming set. It was fun in terms of work. Everyone should learn from mistakes.

Shankar said that no matter what the personal life is like, there will be musical collaboration. “He made an offer and we came to work,” he said. Shankar was asked about the possibility of meeting again. He gave a diplomatic answer and said that musical collaboration is possible. He revealed that he would meet occasionally because of the child. After the divorce, Shankar and Jerry came into the limelight.

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