Drama ‘Bhumri’ in Basantpur

A street drama ‘Bhumri’ has been performed with the message of how to get rid of the tyranny of drugs and alcohol. Ghanshyam Gautam is the writer and director of the play which was performed in Basantpur area on Tuesday. Diwakar Ghimire, Sarita Rajopadhyay, Yugyoti Kriyashil, IP Acharya, Tikaram Acharya, Suraj Khadka, Drona Prasad Acharya, Arjun Katwal and others acted in the play along with director Gautam.

The play, organized by Uddar Nepal and Caritas Nepal in collaboration, focused on how students fall into the trap and how to rescue them after falling into the trap. The play has also shown how the role of the home and society should be to save children from bad surrounding. Diwakar Ghimire is the Chief Assistant Director, Tikaram Acharya’s music composition and IP Acharya’s material management, Yugjyoti Kriyasheel and Sarita Rajopadhyay in costume and make-up. According to the organizer, more than 500 spectators watched the play. Many of the audience suggested that it would be better if the play was performed all over the country.

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