Subani’s ‘Baani’ song in controversy, claimed to have been bought four years ago by singer Arjan Pandey

Singer Subani Moktan’s new song ‘Baani’ has been dragged into controversy. Singer Arjan Pandey has claimed that he bought the rights of the song from composer Kamal Khatri four years ago. Writing a status on Facebook, Arjan said that he has been wronged and will seek legal remedies.

Subani’s song has been dragged into controversy after Arjan released his new song ‘Timilai Heri Heri’ on YouTube on Monday. The hookline, words and rhythm of both these songs are perfect. Interestingly, the composer and arranger of both these songs are the same person. The composer is Kamal Khatri and the arranger is Rikesh Gurung.

Pandey mentioned that after he released the song, he came to know that this song is from Subani when the audience started sending links. Stating that the video of this song was made two years ago, he mentioned that the hookline of the song sung by Subani and the hookline that was sold to him are the same.

When he asked Subani on the phone, he mentioned that the song was narrated by the arranger Gurung and that person did not sing. Gurung was accused of doing this in his previous song ‘Relimai’ too. He asked, “If the song arranged in a studio is played by others, how can we confidently allow them to arrange our song?”

He writes, “Now that I have released the song that I bought, many people are telling me that it is Subani’s song.” But this is my own song. They didn’t inform me anything before releasing that song and even after releasing it. I don’t know exactly what is happening. But I am wondering if injustice has been done to me. They are asking me to meet. It would have been different if he had said it before releasing the song. But now it doesn’t make much sense. That’s why they say, let’s cover up another mistake in the professionalism of Nepali music or find a legal remedy to prevent this from happening tomorrow, I’m confused.

On the other hand, Singer Subani, did not want to comment on this. We are ready to discuss. I will talk later,” she said.

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