Excellent response to ‘Bahav’ at its premiere

Kathmandu-The film ‘Bahav’, which will be released on 24 Chaitra i.e. Friday, was premiered on Wednesday. At the premiere held at One Cinema Hall Naya Baneshwar in Kathmandu, actors, journalists and leaders came to watch the film. UML MP Raghuji Pant, Congress MP Pradeep Paudel, former Health and Population Minister and MP Padam Giri, artists Neeta Dhungana, Luniva Tuladhar, Bholaraj Sapkota and others were present. Everyone who attended the premiere responded that the theme of the film was different.

UML leader Raghuji Pant responded that ‘Bahav’ has become a promising film in the Nepali film world. He said, ‘The theme of the film is new. It will give a different flavor to the Nepali audience. The film has raised the issues that we are seeing and experiencing in the society in a serious manner”, former Minister of Health and Population and MP Padam Giri said that the film shows the contradictions within the society. He claimed that when the roots of the differences within the society could not be uprooted, ‘Bahav’ would play a role in uprooting those roots. He believed that films have the power to change society.

Director Naresh Paudel said that ‘Bahav’ was made in a different style from the films being made in Nepal. He revealed that he had the experience of watching a Japanese film. He added, ‘While watching the film, I felt like watching a Japanese film. I enjoyed watching it because the storyline was different. Artist Bholaraj Sapkota said that from the story to the presentation, the actor’s performance was good. Another actor Deepak Acharya mentioned that a good film was made in Nepali environment. Another actor Vijay Baral said that he liked the concept of the film.

Actress Luniva Tuladhar said that she felt like the film told her story. She expressed her gratitude for raising the issue of mental health and suggested that more films should be made on such stories. Written and directed by Pramod Kandel, ‘Bahav’ is produced by Sridhar Poudel. Presented by Swarnim Entertainment and Young Star Cinema, the film is produced on ‘Curiosity, Thought and Reality Story’. The film stars Suraksha Pant, Kamal Mani Nepal, Afran Ali, Surya Sharma Bhatt, Ishwari Singh, Hiralal Kandel and others.

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