Nepal’s second song film, ‘Bhagya’, on YouTube (video)

In the history of Nepali films, the second Nepali plot song film ‘Bhagya’ has been brought to the audience through YouTube.

Produced under the banner of Jai Matrubhumi Cinema and Creation Pvt. Ltd., this song was released through YouTube a few years after the production of the film. Before coming to YouTube, this film was shown in Kathmandu, Chandranigahpur, and other places. This musical film was censored by the Central Film Screening Committee on Jestha 1, 2076.

‘Bhagya’ has been prepared to entertain the audience and sources by acting through the song from the beginning to the end, with all the actors acting in this song film. Earlier, the first Nepali song film based on Gounthali Khand Kavya, written by Dr. Bhola Rijal was prepared. After the song film, ‘Bhagya’ (based on a song poem) by Surendra Maharjan ‘Amar’ has become the second Nepali song movie.

The film ‘Bhagya’ has succeeded in becoming the most number of songs in the voice of different singers within a single film. More than a dozen singers, including Dina Thami, Raman Thami, Ram Karki, Shanta Karki, Ranu Karki, Surendra Maharjan, Surya Kamal Rai, and Tripti Khadka, have their voices in this song film.

The main purpose of the film is to entertain the audience by using songs and acting without dialogue, unlike spoken acting. This song film has participated in various national and international film festivals, received many awards for excellence, and is still participating in various award programs.

Sraaj Garach, Neeta Dhungana, Sunil Katuwal, Aditi Shrestha, Purnima Lama, Bishal KC, Sanu Tamrakar, Prakash Shrestha, Krishna Bhattarai, Ishwor Phuyal, Nijal Lama, Aayusha Shrestha, Surendra Maharjan, Raju Shrestha, Surya Kamal Rai, Shankar Ghatani, Ramesh Ekal Damal, Narendra Bhattarai, Bishnu KC, Asim Sherpa, Atit Limbu, Surendra Amatya, Jivan Shahi, Tulasha Katuwal, Chheiku Lama, Manisha Shrestha, Roshan Kumar, etc. have acted in this song film.

Producer Sarita Maharjan says that the music of the composer, the writing style of the writer, the direction of the director, the excellent performances of the actors, and the support of all the people involved in the film are very important.

Roshan Kumar Shrestha is the director of this song film.

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