Hundreds of people came to Pokhara from the villages to see ‘Halkara’ in Pokhara

Halkara’ is a film based on the story of the time when Nepali society depended on letters to exchange messages. This film was a huge hit in Nepal as it won awards in various international festivals. Finally, the fortnight has come to an end. The ‘word of mouth’ of the film, which was released on Friday, is strong. Both the critics and the audience liked the film very much. 

The business of the film, which was not expected on the first day of release, showed some improvement on Saturday. In some halls of Kathmandu and Mofasal, the audience watching the film was pleasant. In Talnagari Pokhara, which is considered to be the second largest market of Nepali films, on Saturday, people from the elderly to children reached the theater by reserving a bus to watch the film. Such a scene was not seen for the past decade.

Hundreds of people came to Pokhara from the villages of Kaskikot, Malepatan, Dhikurpokhari and Phulwari in Kaski to watch the film. They watched the movie at Pokhara Cineplex in the trade mall of Pokhara. Some reached the hall with the help of sticks and others carrying children. Mahesh Tripathi, the lead actor of the film, has expressed his gratitude for this love given by Pokhara. 

The production team is confident that the business of the film will improve from Sunday due to the excellent response from the audience. The film shows rural life through a postman who delivers letters from village to village, the impact of foreign employment on the society, etc. Binita Thapa Magar is playing the lead role along with Mahesh in the film directed by Bikram Sapkota.

This film won the Best Film, Best Actor and Best Cinematography awards at the Worldfest Houston International Festival in America. Sharada Giri, Roshni Karki, Pashupati Rai, Umesh Tamang, Vidya Karki, Prakash Dahal, Bishnubhakta Adhikari, late Deepak Chhetri and others are also featured in the film, which is written and edited by director Sapkota.

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