“Nango Gaou” of Dayahang and Miruna on Bhadra 29

“Nango Gaou” of Dayahang and Miruna on Bhadra 29

The superhit duo of ‘Kabaddi 4’ and ‘Jari’ Dayahang Rai and Miruna Magar collaborated for the third time in the film ‘Nango Gaou’ which will be released targeting Hartalika Teej. The film will be released all over the world including Nepal from the 29th of Bhadra by releasing a poster on Sunday. The film ‘Aincho Paincho’ starring actress Swastima Khadka and Barsha Raut is also likely to be released on this date.

The poster indicates that the film focuses on political issues. The poster shows a group of people carrying political party flags and shouting slogans, while in the background there are tin-covered stone-mud houses and green fields. Written and directed by Dipendra Lama, the film also stars Karma, Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah, Shishir Wangdel, Buddhi Tamang, Rabindra Jha.

Jai Shrestha has invested in the film, which is presented by Himal Sharma under the banner of Manishma Films. The cinematographer of the film is Alok Shukla. Director Lama said that the plot of the film is centered on the village. He claims that the social story is presented in a strong way in the film. Dipendra has previously directed three films namely ‘Dui Nambari’, ‘Ghampani and Gopi’.

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