British rock band Genesis at top of highest-grossing entertainers (with list)

British rock band Genesis at top of highest-grossing entertainers (with list)

The prestigious Forbes magazine has released a list of the top 10 people and groups in the world of entertainment. At the top of which is not a star celebrity but a rock band, which has included itself in the list for the first time.

The music sector dominates the list. The British rock band Genesis, which is at the top, has an income of 230 million US dollars in the year 2022. The band sold the music rights to Concord Music Group for $300 million last September.

The deal included publishing rights and a selection of income streams for recorded music from the group, as well as solo income streams from Phil Collins (including the hit song ‘In the Air Tonight’) and bandmates Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. Touring and recorded music royalties boosted the band’s income.

In second place is another rock band ‘Sting’ whose earnings are mentioned as 210 million dollars. The band, 17-time Grammy winners and known for hits such as ‘Every Breath You Take’ and ‘Roxanne’, sold their entire musical output to Universal Music for $300 million.

In third place is Hollywood actor and director Tyler Perry, whose earnings are $175 million. He has earned income by selling some rights in Bet TV Show and Atlanta along with films. His total income is one billion dollars. He is among the highest earning entertainers for the second year in a row.

In fourth place are Trey Park and Matt Stone, whose income last year was $160 million. In fifth place are James L. Brooks and Matt Groening. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt is in sixth place with $100 million. Musical group Rolling Stone is in seventh place with $98 million.

“Avatar” famed producer and director James Cameron is in eighth place with $95 million. His latest film Avatar 2 is the third highest grossing film till date. Singer Taylor Swift is in ninth place with $92 million, while Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny is in tenth place with $88 million.

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