Bollywood actress Krishan in Dubai jail

Bollywood actress Krishan in Dubai jail

Bollywood actress Krishan Perera is currently in jail in Dubai in a drug case. She has acted in films like ‘Sadak 2’ and ‘Batla House’ and has been kept in the Sharjah Central Jail in the UAE by Arab police.

About two weeks ago, the police arrested her on drug charges. According to the family, there was no contact with her when she landed at the Sharjah airport. Only 72 hours later, the Indian Consulate informed the family of her arrest.

The family is distraught after the arrest of their daughter. They have accused their daughter of being tricked. We have been going through mental torture for the last two weeks. My sister is innocent and has been implicated in a drug case. I don’t know what people want from her. We don’t even know what to do now”, said his brother Kevin.

Her mother Premila Perera has accused her daughter of being cheated by a person named Ravi. That man informed her daughter’s team to work in a web series. After a couple of meetings, she went to Dubai for an audition. Then Ravi called to meet at a coffee shop at Mumbai International Airport on April 1.

Then a trophy was given as part of the audition. She brought that trophy home, from where the smell of drugs was coming, she said.

Krishan’s family is ready to pay any amount to release their daughter from jail. They have hired a local lawyer from Dubai.

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