The song ‘Gharai Basu Pirai Pira Ho’ of ‘Kaidiko Patra’ has been released

The song ‘Gharai Basu Pirai Pira Ho’ of ‘Kaidiko Patra’ has been released

The new song of the film ‘Kaidiko Patra’, which is about to be released on Baisakh 15th, has been released. The film’s lead actor Prithviraj Khatri is featured in the song ‘Gharai Basu Pirai Pira Ho’, while actor Kunal Bishwa and British actress Madison Lazarus are also seen. The song has lyrics by Sanam Kumar Bairag, music by Binam Karmacharya and vocals by Abhishek Karki.

The film was shot in Scotland and directed by Sanam Kumar Bairag. Director Bairag says that the film, based on the story of love and romance, portrays the ups and downs and hardships people face when they cannot handle the happiness they get in life. All the songs included in the film have been written by Sanam himself and the screenplay/dialogues have also been prepared by him.

Based on the story ‘Kaidiko Patra’ written by Ishwar Manandhar, the film stars Salina Thapa Magar, Prithviraj Khatri, Suvarna Thapa, Manish Shrestha, Sushmita Thapa, Carrie Dodds, Kiran Karki, Charan Pradhan, Bijeta Shrestha, Faustas Talagka, Lauren Westbury, Tapasya Siwakoti and others. Dil Ghale, Nani Bairag, Kailash Bishwokarma and Hiral Joshi are the producers of the film.

Cinematography by Rameshwar Karki, the film has editing by Arjun GC, chief assistant direction by Ramsharan Koirala and color combination by Yasin Nchoubi. The songs of the film have music by Suresh Century and Humile Karmacharya, vocals by Pratap Das, Anju Pant, Sagar Ale, Praveesha Adhikari, Shubhani Moktan and Abhishek Karki. Marketing is done by Shree Films and Entertainment.

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