How did ‘Bihe Pas’ get the audience?

How did ‘Bihe Pas’ get the audience?

Kathmandu- On the occasion of New Year, the film ‘Bihe Paas’ was screened across the country from Baisakh 1. Producer Rohit Kattel says that the film, which is based on the story of a young man’s struggle and persuasion, who is looking for a government job to deceive his wife and in-laws, has managed to get a good audience.

Actor Dayahang Rai is playing the role of a husband trying to get a government job in the film, which has also received good response from the media, while actress Prakriti Shrestha is playing the role of his wife and Bishal Pahari, who has become a father-in-law, is playing the role of a government official.

The film not only talks about government jobs, but also presents various dimensions of Nepali people’s life with interest. According to producer Kattel, the movie has been liked by the audience because it covers various topics such as smuggling on the Nepal-India border, bribery attitude of employees, financial manipulation to pass public service, Don attitude adopting various tricks to influence the police and personnel administration.

The film is directed by Prabesh Paudel. Executive producer Ratna Shrestha said that the film did aggressive business on the first and second day of its release, i.e. Friday and Saturday, and after that it is doing good business. He said that they are making profit from the business of the film till Sunday. Along with Dayahang and Prakriti, Subhash Gajurel, Shyam Rai, Bishal Pahadi, Buddhi Tamang, Hibuala Gautam, Naveen Sherchan, Uma Baniyan, Prakash Bhujel, Rusha Neupane and others are acting in the film.

Produced by RR Film Productions, the film is presented by Rohit Kattel and Ratna Shrestha is the executive producer. Film directed by Shiv Dhakal was edited by Mitra Gurung. The film is choreographed by Ramji Lamichhan and is produced by Rojan Shrestha and co-produced by Galjen Lama and Balkrishna Pakhrin.

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