Deepakraj Giri’s anger towards Bhuwan KC – “Since the arrival of this president, there has been chaos everywhere”

Kathmandu- Actor Deepakraj Giri has said that after the arrival of Film Development Board Chairman BhuwanKC, the film industry is in turmoil everywhere. He expressed his anger by posting on social media that the box office report of his film was wrongly published. He is of the opinion that even the income report of the film published by the board is wrong.

He wrote, “The Film Development Board has published a wrong report of the earnings of our film. After the arrival of this president, there is chaos everywhere in our region…’ The board had released the list of 132 films of the year 2079, both domestic and foreign, on Tuesday. In which ‘Kabaddi 4’ has been seen as the first number of highest grossing films of the year. It is mentioned in the report that the film earned Rs 21 crore 38 lakh gross. It is reported that 766,000 movie tickets have been sold.

The Kannada film ‘KGF 2’ is at the second number. The film earned Rs 19 crore 29 lakh. According to the report, 677,699 tickets have been sold for this film. Similarly, the currently showing film ‘Chakkapanja 4’ is ranked third. The report of the board mentions that the film has earned 169.4 million rupees so far. According to the report, 608,402 tickets of the film have been sold so far. Deepakraj Giri says that this report is wrong.

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