The movie ‘Prasad 2’ will be screened from Baisakh 15th

The new release date of ‘Prasad 2’ directed by Sudarshan Thapa has been decided. The film will be screened from Baisakh 15 after the legal issues are resolved. The production team released the poster of the film and announced the new screening date. The screening of the film, which was scheduled to be screened on Chaitra 24, was stopped after the case reached the court due to a transaction dispute.

After the producer Keshav Pandey filed an complaint to stop the screening of the film, the Patan High Court gave an interim order on Chaitra 21. The joint bench of Patan High Court Judges Rajendra Kharel and Bimal Subedi did not continue the previous interim order on Monday.

The short-term order given by the Patan High Court to stop the screening of the film ‘Prasad 2’ has been cancelled. Keshav Pandey had filed a writ against the producer of ‘Prasad 2’, Subash Thapa, saying that he had cheated him by making him a producer. It is alleged that Thapa cheated 62 lakh 50 thousand rupees by claiming to be a producer. Pandey filed a complaint against him at District Police Complex Kathmandu on Falgun 29.

Actor Bipin Karki and actress Keki Adhikari are in the lead roles in the political and social story film ‘Prasad 2’. The film shows the problems that arise due to caste after their married life. Along with Bipin and Keki, the film also stars Arpan Thapa, Kamalmani Nepal, Mahesh Tripathi and others. The story of the film is prepared by Sushil Paudel.

Produced by Subash Thapa, the film is produced by Sudarshan Basnet. Cinematography by Rajesh Shrestha has been edited by Milan Shrestha. The film is produced by SG Films in collaboration with Sulabh Thapa Productions. ‘Prasad’ was a hit at the box office.

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