Stage show is the source of income for all singers: Singer Milan Newar

The famous singer Milan Amatya is now known as Milan Newar. After the divorce with her husband, She changed her surname ‘Amatya’ to Newar.

Now wherever she goes, she introduces herself as Milan Newar. But in the Nepali music field, she is famous as Milan Amatya. Apart from modern, ghajal and films, she has sung songs in more than a dozen languages.

She is also a very busy actor in stage shows. She says that the stage program is the basis of survival of the singer. Reporter has asked ten questions to singer Milan Newar, who is also the coach of ‘The Voice Kids’ apart from the stage program.

What are you doing lately?

The shooting of the children’s singing reality show ‘The Voice Kids’ is going on. I am in it as a coach. Apart from that, I am busy with various stage shows.

The stage program must have been successful, right?

There are many stage shows. It is very difficult to arrange time for the shooting of ‘The Voice Kids’. I have done programs by managing time until I can meet.

The year 2079 is coming to an end, how was this year?

This year proved to be very ‘lucky’ for me. My songs like ‘Chari Kafal Tipyo’, ‘Sunsan Raatma’ became hits. ‘Phulbutte saree’ is also in the news this year. The song with my voice in ‘Prasad 2’ released a few days ago is also in the news. I am doing stage programs in the country and abroad.

Is there a good income from the stage show?

Stage shows are the basis of singer’s survival now. I also have up to 10/12 programs in a month. Sometimes there are 3/4 in a week. I earn 10/12 lakhs in a season from stage shows, sometimes even more than that. When the stage program is less, the income is also less.

What kind of songs are played more often in stage shows?

Audiences come to stage shows to enjoy, dance and be happy. Therefore, romantic melodious songs play more than sentimental ones in the program. In some cases, it is necessary to look at the situation there. I have performed romantic songs on stage like ‘Sunsan Raatma’, ‘Gala Ratai’, ‘Charile Kafal Tipyo’, ‘Phulbutte Sari’.

It is said that old songs stopped being when the singer was on stage?

Whatever is the interest of the audience source, such songs will be made. Today, the basis of the singer’s survival is the stage show. It is also natural to make a song by targeting it. Nowadays, semi-classical, melodious and dancing numbers are often preferred. I sing all kinds of songs.

She has sung many songs. Do you wish you could sing a song like this?

So far I have sung many types of songs including ghajal, romantic, dancing, sentimental, filmy. Now there is a desire for semi-classical. I want to prepare such a good song. That song will be such, which can inspire the new generation. If someone wants to practice singing, they can use that song.

It is said that the new generation entering singing replaced the old ones, right?

I don’t think so. The old ones have their own place. Their singing is progressing in their own way. As time changes, it is natural for a new generation to enter. The new generation that has entered now has come with talent. With the arrival of the new generation, singing has changed and variety has also entered.

Singers can also be seen in modeling. Is that desire or compulsion?

The singer’s song becomes a hit, everyone hears it. Everyone has heard the name. But who is the person who sings this song is obscure. In some cases, when singing on stage, they ask if this song is yours. Despite suffering from this, some singers have been modeling themselves in their songs. That modeling is done in order to identify the face. Some are also pursuing singing and modeling together. If you look at foreign songs and music, the singers are acting themselves. They are more famous than actors and actresses.

Nowadays singers can be seen choosing other professions besides singing. Is it not possible to live by song-music?

Now the country’s economy is in trouble. Many people are in financial trouble. It is natural that this situation also affects songs and music. As far as I am concerned, the music has given everything. Everything that I have, including a house, a car, is the gift of music.

So far, I have never been in trouble because of music. It was difficult for me during the ‘struggle period’. But I didn’t look for an alternative other than song-music. Those who come with the determination that they will choose music and make this their profession do not have to look for another option.

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