Jr. NTR inherited Acting

The popularity of South Superstar Jr. NTR is burning. The success of the film ‘RRR’, which was released in 2022, has made him famous all over the world. NTR, who is preparing for his Bollywood debut with the film ‘War 2’, is considered to be excellent in acting and dancing. His most successful films are ‘Arvind Sametha’, ‘Temper’, ‘Janata Garage’, ‘Aadhi’. 

He inherited acting. From his grandfather to his father, he was a successful artist. His grandfather NT Rama Rao was a popular actor of the 70s. He was also active in politics along with acting. He was also the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He has worked in more than 300 Telugu films and started his acting career with the film ‘Mann Desham’.

NTR’s father Nandamuri Harikrishna was also a famous actor in Telugu films. He was equally active in politics. In 1964, he started his acting career as a child actor in the film ‘Sri Krishnavataram’. His first film as an actor was ‘Talla Pellama’. NTR’s father was also a Rajya Sabha MP from 2008 to 2013. 

NTR’s brother Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is also active in acting. He is one of the preferred actors in action films. However, NTR is not as successful. Similarly, NTR’s uncle Nandamuri Balakrishna (he is known as Balakrishna or Balaiya) is also a popular Telugu actor. He has been active in acting for 40 years and has acted in more than 100 films.

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