After Aanchal revealed about her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

After Aanchal revealed about her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

Kathmandu- Aanchal Sharma is also a well-spoken actress. But sometimes she slips while speaking. They don’t care what to say and what not to say. That is why she has been criticized from time to time because of her speech.
Even now she is being criticized. At the moment, the subject of her criticism is an interview she gave with Prakash Subedi. In which she has mentioned the past of volleyball player Sepora Gurung.

How do you know Sipora Gurung? The question was asked by showing the picture. In which she called Sipora a volleyball player and Udeep’s ex-girlfriend. When the program host asked her again that she would talk, she replied that she does not have such a big heart and how can she have a relationship with her husband’s ex-girlfriend.

Udeep Shrestha is Anchal’s husband. The fact that he was in love with Sipora is a matter that has not been reported in the media so far. However, Anchal revealed everything through the media program. Udeep should not object to this matter. Whether Sipora objects or not, that is her issue. But she disclosed the personal issue of Sipora through the media.

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