The Film Journalists Association released a 12-point Dhulikhel manifesto

The Film Journalists Association released a 12-point Dhulikhel manifesto

Film Journalists Association Nepal, organized organization of journalists active in the film genre, has published a 12-point ‘Dhulikhel manifesto’. According to the advice and suggestions received from the former presidents of the association, coordinators and members of various committees who participated in the ‘Policy and Consultation Meeting’ held on Sunday morning at Eco Resort in Dhulikhel, the association issued a 12-point manifesto. 

In the manifesto, the federal and state governments give grants every year to associations related to journalism, should be made available to the film journalists’ association, the minimum wage set by the Working Journalist Act should be implemented, demands from the federal and state governments for the provision of health and accident insurance for film journalists, etc.

Similarly, in accordance with the provisions of the constitution of the association to nominate two people as central members, the plenary meeting held in Dhulikhel has nominated Dhruvaraj Neupane as the central member. He is also the former president of Dang Branch of Film Journalists Association. In the policy and consultation meeting, Samir Balami, president of the association, said that regular workshops will be held to improve the capacity of film journalists. 

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