Swarnim Wagle resigns from Nepalese Congress due to ‘intimidation by Deuba-Arzu gang’

Economist Swarnim Wagle has resigned from the Nepal Congress (NC).

Wagle texted NC leader Shekhar Koirala, general secretaries Gagan Thapa and Bishwa Prakash Sharma and others, telling them he is no longer with the big party led by Sher Bahadur Deuba and his wife Arzu.

“Dear seniors, I can no longer remain in Congress despite the good wishes of all of you. This situation has been brought about by the continued humiliation and harassment of the Deuba-Arzu gang,” Wagle’s message reads.

“I wish to do the experiment of giving by setting a time frame and being relevant to my age, knowledge, and energy rather than waiting on the politics of favor and kindness of a lifetime. We would respectfully meet later, as all of you will definitely I would have been told no to resign from Congress if I had known about it before making this decision, and resigning after that would have been a challenge.”

He has kept the doors open for a return to the party if texted NC leaders come to lead the party. “I hope that we can come together again in some way on the day that everyone builds decisive status within Congress. I promise to cooperate and help, and continue the current cordial friendship wherever we are until then.”

Wagle, who was appointed vice president of the National Planning Commission by Deuba in the past, also participated in the drafting of the NC manifesto for the recent elections.

He had applied for a ballot from the Chitwan-1 House of Representatives (HoR) constituency but was not granted a ballot by Deuba despite the local NC unit recommending his name as a candidate.

Wagle has been proposed by Rashtriya Swatantra Party to be a candidate in the by-election from Tanahun-1.

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