Father Bhuwan’s best wishes to Anmol – ‘Have the courage to conquer the world son’

Kathmandu- Anmol KC is a recent hit hero. Currently, his demand is high in Nepali films. The producer/director is ready to pay up to 50 lakhs for making a film with Anmol. But lately, Anmol’s films have stopped getting commercial Success. The producer who are ready to make a film with him, have begun to think.

Anmol is celebrating his birthday today. There are plans to celebrate his birthday with family members. Birthday greetings have been coming to Anmol since morning. His father Bhuwan KC also posted a poem on social media and wished him a happy birthday. In his greetings, he also said that Anmol is a blessing given by God for him.

You are priceless, you are a gift
You are a blessing from God
You are my love
You are my trust and pride
You always smile like this
Spreading love in the hearts of millions of people
Even if all relationships are broken in life
Even if time leaves everyone behind
I am with you from birth to birth
Son, have the courage to conquer the world
I am with you in your courage and encouragement
Happy birthday son.

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