Kathmandu hosts the seventh edition of Echoes in the Valley: Festival of Music

Kathmandu, March 14

The seventh edition of echoes in the valley takes place in Kathmandu on Friday and Saturday.

The two-day event will feature musical performances, a confluence, and other events such as heritage walks, live calligraphy, and film screenings.

The event will kick off on Friday at the Department of Music of the Kathmandu University in Tripureshwor at 9 am with a confluence, an annual conference on music with musicians and practitioners.

Topics to be discussed are the use of folk elements in contemporary music, folk music research writing, and challenges to reviving folk music.

echoes in the valley
Schedule and map of day 1.

This year’s confluence will be jointly organized by EITV and raithane music Supported by UNESCO office in Kathmandu.

After that, Echoes in the Valley will move to the Kathmandu Daboos where Nepalis and foreigners will perform individually and with each other. The first day will see performances revolving around Teen Deval Shivalaya and Laxmishwor Mahadev. There will also be different events at Pachali Bhairav.

The festival will then move to Ason, Santaneshwor Temple and Dagu Baha on the second day and events will be held at Naasa Dabu in Jana Baha, Itum Baha, Bhotahiti, Nhyakantala, Taachen Baha, Paltan Chhen and Kamalachhi.

echoes in the valley
Echoes in the Valley: Day 1 schedule and map

A music workshop will also be held at the Music Department in Tripureshwor on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm. The workshop will be in charge of Vilma Timonen.

Echoes in the valley was established in 2017 with the aim of bringing together a wide range of folk, traditional and indigenous sounds from Nepal and around the world.

The organizers say the festival is the only free international event in Nepal to celebrate popular tunes and the heritages and cultures that are linked to the music ecosystem.

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