‘Ae Saathi Sun’ Release Moved, Barsha Siwakoti Scared In Teaser

barsha siwakoti

The release date of the film ‘Ae Sathi Sun’ written and directed by Ram Raghav Acharya has been changed. The new performance date has been announced on Jestha 5 next year by releasing the teaser on Sunday. Earlier, the performance date was fixed on Chaitra 10. Director Acharya said that the performance was changed because many technical works were not completed and there was not enough time for publicity. 

The 1 minute 9 second teaser starts with a flying eagle. Then there is a scene where a young woman is taken hostage, in the background of which a male character is heard singing a song, which is frightening. This scene shows that the film is made on the plot of a thriller. The scene where a masked character drags the raincoat and ends up in a hole in the forest can arouse curiosity about the film.

The film also stars Ramesh Baniyan, Ayan Khadka, Sushil Pokharel, Jayanand Lama, Ramesh Adhikari, Bimala Giri. Krishma Khadka and Ivan Sanjel are among the child actors. Produced by Ivan Entertainment, the film is produced by Bina Karki and Santosh Kumar Rai. Similarly, the co-producer is Sudeep Paudel, a media person from Pokhara and the owner of a tea house. 

The film has cinematography by Mankrishna Maharjan, Dulant by Kumar Maharjan, editing by Dilg Khadka and Miraj Aryal, dance direction by Ramji Lamichhane, color by Rajendra Moktan, VFX by Dinesh Bisht and signature design by Bharat Kandel. Rohit Ratna’s RR Films has taken over the distribution of the film across the country. Looking at the teaser, it seems that the role of rain in the film can be strong.

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