Gyalpo Lhosar is celebrated today

KATHMANDU, February 21: Today has started the Gyalpo Lhosar celebrated for 15 days by the Sherpa community. The people of the northern highlands, including the Sherpas, celebrate this day as their new year. These communities are celebrating Lhosar today by organizing different programs.

The first 3 days of Gyalpo Lhosar are considered special. On the first day, blessings are taken from the Mentor’s hand, on the second day it is customary to take blessings from the hands of the elders, and on the third day this festival is celebrated by worshiping nature.

Recently Tamang, Gurung, Humli, Mustange and Manange and many other communities along with the Sherpa community have also started celebrating this Lhosar.

According to Sherpa culture, there are 12 years of different animals, namely mouse, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, bird, dog, and pig. According to the year the child is born, the religious activities of the child’s life are carried out.

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