UML won’t attempt to sever the 10-party coalition: Leader Pokharel

According to Shankar Pokharel, general secretary of the CPN-UML, his party has no plans to split the 10-party ruling coalition.

General Secretary Pokharel stated that the UML has no urgent plans to end the coalition while speaking at an event on Thursday in Dang with reporters.

He also highlighted his worries about the heightened instability brought on by the frequent attention paid to establishing and overthrowing governments.

“We have no intention of severing the current 10-party alliance,” General Secretary Pokharel declared.

He continued by saying that the UML would support the administration if it served the interests of the nation and its citizens.

He continued, “We are not contemplating dissolving the alliance in order to rejoin the administration.

General Secretary Pokharel further highlighted that the UML will continually stand in opposition if the administration engages in activities that threaten the country’s national independence by relying on foreign support rather than the desire of the people.

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