Deepakraj’s consolation to Anmol – ‘A man who rides a horse falls’

Last Falgun 19th, Deepakraj Giri group’s ‘Chhakka Panja 4’ and Superstar Anmol KC’s ‘Chhadke 2’ came together for performance. It was seen as the biggest clash of the year. However, with the release of ‘Chadke 2’, it became like a thorn in the side. ‘Chakka Panja 4’ came out aggressive. Now this film is in the race to earn 15 crores. 

One of the major reasons for the failure of ‘Chadke 2’ is the clash with ‘Chakka Panja 4’. Because, ‘Chakka Panja’ has its own audience group. ‘Chadke’ itself was a flop film. Moreover, the film’s trailer and song failed to entice the audience. Finally, Anmol’s career has become the most disaster movie. And many have started calling him ‘flop hero’.

However, Deepakraj Giri comforts Anmol by saying that a person who rides a horse will fall. ‘Not everyone’s film is successful forever. Sometimes it fails and sometimes it succeeds. Anmol has a long career. He is young in age. They are not as old as we are’, he says in defense of Anmol, ‘An actor does not make a film a hit, the whole team. Maybe the team is not good.’ 

Similarly, Deepashree Niraula has asked Anmol not to use the word ‘flop’. I am a big fan of Anmol. Loves everything from acting. And, it is difficult to call Anmol a flop. Because, only one actor does not make a film a hit. For that, everything must be agreed. This is what we call teamwork! So let’s not spend the word ‘flop’ on Anmol,’ he urged.

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