Rekha, Pooja and Aanchal playing a movie together

Rekha Thapa, Pooja Sharma and Aachal Sharma

The three leading actresses of Nepali films Rekha Thapa, Pooja Sharma and Aanchal Sharma are going to collaborate in a film for the first time. They are going to act together in the film that Rekha is going to produce herself. The film, which will be shot from next Baisakh, will be directed by director Gyanendra Deuja of ‘Zhangedau’ fame. Sulakshan Bharti is writing the script of the film. 

While playing Holi with Rekha on Monday, Pooja said that she is excited to work in this film. Stating that she is currently focusing on this film, she said, ‘Now I am not doing any film, I am only ‘focusing’ on it. Even Sudarshan Thapa has not stricted me as much as Rekha Didi has. I am moving forward according to his advice.’

Gyanendra has previously directed Rekha in ‘Devar Babu’, ‘Hifajat’ and collaborated with Aanchal in this year’s super hit film ‘Jhingedau’. Deuja is going to work with Pooja for the first time. Informing that work is being done on the ‘first draft’ of the script, he said that the film is going to be made on a female-oriented theme. He said that the film will be completely commercial. 

Pooja and Aanchal are said to be competitors of each other. Rekha and Gyanendra have tried to bring both of them together on screen at a time when there is talk of not having a very cordial relationship between them. It will also be interesting for the audience to see Pooja and Aanchal together on screen along with Rekha. Although it will be challenging to make a film with a big star cast, Deuja says that he is ready for it.

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