Breaking the silence, Bhuwan and Pradeep embrace

Breaking the silence, Bhuwan and Pradeep embrace

Kathmandu- Last Ashwin, there was a lot of accusations between the film development board chairman Bhuwan KC and the production team of ‘Prem Geet 3’. The controversy went on so much that actor Pradeep Khadka asked for the resignation of the board chairman KC in a press conference. After this, more controversy broke out.

Due to the controversy, the Hindi version of ‘Prem Geet 3’ could not be released on the Nepali date. From social media to the program, “Prem Geet 3” and the president KC had a verbal war. In this dispute, the industry seemed to be divided into two poles. But this dispute seems to have been resolved now.

After 6 months of the dispute, the lack of communication between the president KC and the actor Khadka has been broken. These two shared the stage at an award ceremony held in Kathmandu on Wednesday. Bhuwan was present as the chief guest at the Galaxy Excellence Awards. Pradeep went to the stage to receive the honor. Bhuwan congratulated Pradeep by wearing a hat.

Pradeep went on stage and greeted Bhuwan. Pradeep, who walked forward laughing, shook hands with Bhuwan. And both of them hugged. At this moment, the hall was resounding with applause. Both of them tried to show warmth, but it was obvious that they were uncomfortable. It can only be assumed that this hug, which took place amid the discussion that these two do not like each other, is about to re-establish a cordial relationship somewhere.

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