Prakash Saput in preparation for film production

Prakash Saput

Prakash Saput, who has earned an attractive popularity in singing, has made his debut as a hero with the film ‘Pardeshi 2’. However, the release of this film has been pushed. Now he is preparing to produce the film himself. He is now writing the script with preparations to start filming after the release of Pardeshi 2. He will be able to announce the name of the film in the coming Baisakh. 

On this Saturday, he wrote on Facebook, referring to the production of the film, ‘I got a little confused in the middle. Now a new madness has begun. A new dish is cooking inside the madness. Please wait.’ According to sources, he is planning to direct the film himself. Singer Saput has previously directed some music videos under his own direction in storytelling style.

Some time ago, it was reported that he is going to produce a film with actress Kiki Adhikari. According to sources, there is a possibility of a commercial collaboration between them in this film. Along with some music videos, Prakash and Keki have also worked together in the upcoming film Pardeshi 2. Now they have a very cordial relationship. 

Prakash, who rose to fame from Dohri Battle, is known as a singer and creator of different styles of songs. His latest song ‘Peer’ had caused a great stir in the political field. His ‘Bol Maya’, ‘Galbandi Chitio’, ‘Par Par Chu’, ‘Mero hain hai na desh?’ Adi songs are the most popular. Successful in singing, Prakash is yet to be tested as an actor.

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