The Bagmati state government has not yet achieved perfection

Even though it has been more than two weeks since Shalikram Jammakattel, the leader of the parliamentary party of CPN-Maoist Center, was appointed as the Chief Minister in Bagmati province, the provincial government has not yet achieved perfection.

Jammakattel was appointed Chief Minister on 25th of Poush with the support of 5 parties of the state. The very next day, on the 26th, he also took the oath of office and secrecy. He assumed office on the same day and appointed two others as ministers.

Even after two weeks of becoming the Chief Minister, he has not been able to complete the Council of Ministers. Jagannath (JN) Thaplia, the leader of the parliamentary party of CPN-UML, is currently the Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning in Bagmati Province, while Uddhav Thapa, the leader of the parliamentary party of the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party, is the Minister of the Department.

Chief Minister Jammakattel also took the vote of confidence on Magh3. He was also given a vote of confidence by the Nepali Congress. It is said that there has been a delay in finalizing the Council of Ministers due to disagreement over the division of ministries.

Jammakattel had decided to reduce the number of Ministries of Bagmati Province in his first decision during his assumption of office. A 5-member study task force was also formed with the aim of reducing the number of ministries. The task force was asked to submit a report on ministry cuts within 15 days.

It is said that the working group conducted 2 meetings and prepared a report proposal with 2 options to maintain 9 and 11 ministries. Chief Minister Jammakattel said that the Council of Ministers will take the final decision on the number of ministries based on the report.

According to the members of the provincial assembly, the provincial government has been delayed in achieving perfection because the number of ministries and party allocations have not been agreed. However, it is said that the chief minister is in ‘wait and see’ as the division of provincial ministries is also decided according to the instructions of the centre.

It has not yet been decided who will get which ministries and how much among the ruling coalition parties. Earlier, 14 ministries were transferred to the province. Discussions have also started that Chief Minister Jammakattel himself has a problem with his decision.

Published: 9 Jan 2079 17:48 Monday

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