Attempts were made to make the government fail: President Oli

Chairman of CPN (UML) KP Sharma Oli has commented that external forces are trying to make the government fail.

In the 10th meeting of the Nepal Marble Trade Association of Nepal, he suspected that they are trying to cause instability by failing the newly formed government.

President Oli said, ‘The creation of a self-respecting government in the midst of political instability is trying to bring back instability, not allowing stability, but it is a matter of great happiness.’ He expressed his surprise as to why external forces, which are not interested in Nepal’s development, are interested in politics.

He expressed his belief that the government will take steps to solve the problems of all businessmen, including the marble business, through the minimum common program.

In the program, National Assembly member Devendra Dahal assured that he has been helping to solve the problems of businessmen since the past and that he will take initiatives to solve the problems by creating laws in the future.

Published: Jan7, 2023 Saturday

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