Announcing the release date of ‘Khajure Bro’ by releasing the first look poster

The debut film “Khajure Bro,” starring Niti Shah, the former Miss Nepal International, has an announced release date. The first look poster for the film has been released, and the 28th of Baisakh has been announced as the screening date, in honor of the 12th edition of “Dharan Run,” which took place in Dharan on Saturday. The film’s four characters’ emotions are depicted in the prepared poster, which features Dharan City as the background.

Rare Rai, Mahesh Tripathi, Nabin Manandhar, Prakash Bhujel, Binita Thapa Magar, Sushma Niraula, Puskar Karki, Manish Raut, Prem Subba, Sujata Rai, Pawan Limbu, Dip Chandra Rai (Kanchi), and other actors are featured in the Suraj Sunuwar-written and directed film. The mayor of the Dharan sub-metropolis, Hark Sampang Rai, has also appeared in a special role in the film. The film is made in the light-comedy genre.

Nabin Manandhar and Suraj Sunuwar are the producers of ‘Khajure Bro’ produced by Dibya Drishya Entertainment in collaboration with Mandro Productions and Multipurpose Pvt Ltd. The film has Shishir Bishankhe’s cinematography and Anmol Gurung’s music. The executive producer of the film is Diamond Upreity, and the co-producers are Anil Manandhar and Pikesh Manandhar.

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