This is the look of Saugat and Benisha in ‘Citamol’

Actor Saugat Malla and actress Benisha Hamal reunited in a film after “Jhyanakuti.” They appear together in Raj Bahadur Sane’s upcoming film, “Citamol.” The characters Saugat and Benisha appear in have been revealed from the sets of the film, which is presently being filmed in the Sindhuli region. These two actors appear to be a rural couple in the first-look photo.

Saugat is leaning on a crutch with one hand while holding a chicken in the other while sporting a dhaka cap on his head. Benisha is pictured standing next to him and holding a child. She is in a maternity get-up. In this photo, Benisha and Saugat are depicted as husband and wife in the film.

The film is being shot against the backdrop of an armed conflict, and the production team intends to release it on Teej Day of the following year. Divya Subedi is shooting the film, in which Lokendra Lekhak plays the lead role. While Pradeep Bharadwaj wrote the screenplay, director Sane wrote the story for the film. Director Sane has previously directed films such as ‘Brindawan’, ‘Birangana’, ‘Doli’ etc.

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