Lakshman Subedi is slated to direct the film “Parvati.”

The director Lakshman Subedi is preparing a film under the name Parvati, the second wife of Lord Shiva, after making one under the name Sati Devi. He obtained the production license from the Film Development Board and used it to announce the film’s production through a theme poster on Friday, his birthday. Next year, on Shivratri, the film will be screened.

Director Subedi is reportedly set to write, produce, and compose the film, which will focus on the story of a father-daughter relationship. In addition to being entertaining, the film will shock and provoke thought in Nepali society. The film will also feature a social love story, according to director Subedi. Sridevi Subedi will be produced in the film, which is scheduled to be shot in Jestha next year.

Dilasa and Sara Subedi will produce the film, which is a joint venture between Golden State Movie Makers LLC, California, and Dilasa Creations. Shriram Balaji Films is going to handle the film’s distribution. The casting process for the film, which will be produced in both Nepali and English, is reportedly under way, according to director Subedi.

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