The filming of “Bhuthan” is now finished, and this is how Dayahang and Hari Bansha look.

The entire filming of Binod Paudel’s second directorial venture, “Bhuthan” (The World’s Happiest Man), was wrapped up on Tuesday in the US state of Ohio. The production team released some photos from the shoot that show Dayahang Rai and Hollywood actor Bruce Dern together. Since Dayahang Rai is dressed in an American Army uniform, we can presume that Rai played an American soldier.

The film stars Hari Bansha Acharya, Dayahang Rai, Richa Ghimire, Pooja Chand Lama, Bhuwan Pyakurel, Aditi Pyakurel, Kaushila Khanal Karmacharya, Joes Pandey, Bimal Subedi, Anuradha Majumder and Hollywood actor Bruce Dunn.

Binod Paudel has directed this film. Director Paudel claims that the film has been produced according to the international recognition and standards of Hollywood. He says, ‘This will be the first Union film for Nepal. Hollywood’s famous technicians have been added to it, so that the technical aspect of the film is strong. Director Poudel is confident that the story will be embraced by the world at large, which is why he is aiming to make thisfilm for a worldwide audience.

The executive producers of the film are Kaushila Khanal Karmacharya, LN Adhikari, Apar Shrestha and Ramesh Bhatt, while the producers are Rajendra Thakurathi, Amitabh Joshi, and Abeeral Thapa. Mad Monkey Films is producing the film in collaboration with Everest Entertainment, Thakurathi Bros., Vacant Light in Hollywood, and Awaken Productions in Nepal. According to the production team, they are getting ready to release this film in 2024.

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