Pradeep, Kishore, and Deeya were on Niff’s jury.

Actress Deeya Maskey, actor Pradeep Khadka and sound designer Kishore Acharya have been nominated for the jury committee of the ‘Nepal International Film Festival’ (NIFF). NIF President KP Pathak stated that Pradeep Khadka will be the judge for feature films, actress Deeya Maskey for short films and documentaries, and Kishore Acharya will be the judge for the Danquihote Award. Khadka and Maskey also won an award for ‘Prakash’ in the sixth edition of NIFF.

The names of the jury members from Nepal have been decided in accordance with the provision that there will be a three-member jury in three categories in the NIFF, which will be held in Kathmandu from Chaitra 1 to 5. KP Pathak, president of NIF, said that the three judges for Nepal have been decided after being asked to play the role of judges, as the previous year’s winners are also brand ambassadors of the festival.

This year’s edition will feature 88 features, shorts and documentaries from 40 countries. Along with the screening of the films in competition, workshops, discussions and interactions related to various genres of filmmaking will be held throughout the festival. The films selected for the festival will be screened in the halls of QFX chain branches at Civil Mall, Labim Mall, Bhaktapur and Chayaan Center.

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