Sanjeev Waiba’s new song ‘Soltini Hajur’ released (Video)

The popular composer of tamang cello tunes, Sanjeev Waiba, has released the song and music video for his new song “Soltini Hajur” on the YouTube account Aanbhi Productions.

Sanjeev Waiba is the one who composed the music, lyrics, composition, and voice for the song “Soltini Hajur.” The song’s arranger is Phanindra Rai, and Dipesh Pradhan is in charge of mixing.

Abhi Lama, Anita Gole, Bikash Aryal, Sandesh Tamang, Sunil Magar, Shahil Thapa, and Aashis are among the actors that appear in the music video that he directed. Abhi Lama also choreographed the video; Surya Lama handled the DOP, edit, and color, with Niroj Tamanag serving as assistant DOP.

Over the past twenty years, the majority of Waiba’s works have been devoted to the Tamang language and Tamang cello music.

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