Ravi Mishra will exhibit a solo cartoon

Artist Ravi Mishra will present a solitary cartoon during a 10-day solo show titled “Depiction,” which opens on Thursday at Cafe Umoja in the NB Center, New Baneshwar.

Mishra, who has published approximately 3000 cartoons in various newspapers and magazines over the course of 17 years, is having his first solo exhibition. “Depiction,” which he named after the picture of Nepali society he saw, will feature some of the cartoons that he has published in newspapers.

According to Mishra, cartoons are more than just images; they are a means for him to communicate his ideas, emotions, and sense of humor. “Cartoons are a creative way to depict reality; I came here with cartoons to make the interaction fun,” he said. “Right now, I draw the scenes of the society I see in cartoons. The cartoons I make are disagreements with some current events, environment, characters, tendencies, and ideas.”

In addition to painting satirically, Mishra writes satirically and serves as the general secretary of the “Cartoonist Club of Nepal.”

Lilaram Khadka, the director of the exhibition venue Umoja Cafe, said that there is an effort to bring the cartoons that are being shown in magazines and art galleries out of the regular space.

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