Don’t miss the next Sajjan Raj Vaidya: The Ghumi Phiri Tour! All Countries and regions of the United States

With over a million subscribers to his official YouTube channel, Sajjan Raj Vaidya, a well-known singer and musician based in the United States, has gained a significant following over the past eight years due to his unique style of blending traditional Nepali folk music with modern pop influences.

With Diwas Gurung on guitar, Manish Gandharva on sarangi, Prajwal Lama on keys, Sahil Uprety on bass, Ashesh Rai on percussion, Chhitij KC on drums, and Avishek Ghalay on backing vocals, Sajjan Raj Vaidya and his band are about to go on their first US tour.

They will be performing at four different venues across the country. The shows will be held in four different venues: starting with The Fillmore Silver Spring in Silver Spring on January 6, 2024; The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco on January 13; The Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver on January 21; and Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto on January 27.

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