The comedy film ‘Khajure Bro’ will be made

After almost nine years, Suraj Sunuwar, who demonstrated promising direction in the gangster film “Sadanga,” is returning with “Khajure Bro.” Actor Mahesh Tripathi has been cast in the lead role of the comedy-drama. On Friday morning, the script and clap board were worshipped at the Banglamukhi temple in Lalitpur, and the film was deemed auspicious.

Nabin Manandhar and Suraj Sunuwar are the producers of the film, which is being made under the banner of Divya Drisya Entertainment, while the executive producer is Diamond Upreti. Shishir Bisankhe has the responsibility of shooting the film. Production is planned to start shooting in the first week of January. The shooting of the film will be done in various places in Darjeeling, India, along with Kathmandu, Itahari, and Dharan.

Director Sunuwar has stated that he will strive to make a good film by rectifying the shortcomings in “Sadanga,” and producer Manandhar has stated that he will make the film with the aim of providing complete entertainment according to the wishes of the present audience. Anmol Gurung will compose the music for the film’s songs. Prakash Bhujel is the unit production manager, and Pradip Bhandari is the line producer.

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