‘Bachelorette’ party of the Shrinkhala and Sambhav, Suraj says, Welcome to the family

Shrinkhala Khatiwada, the former Miss Nepal, is getting married to her boyfriend this Thursday. Her family has been planning a party for a week, but they are also busy getting ready for the wedding.

A number of celebrities and other prominent figures from the entertainment, political, and other spheres attended Shrinkhala’s “Bachelorette” party on Saturday night at her residence.

The host of “Himalaya Roadies” and actor Suraj Singh Thakuri were also spotted at the celebration, where a lot of people had gathered to celebrate Sambhav Swar Sirohiya and Shrinkhala’s bachelorette party. Shrinkhala was wearing a white-pink lehenga, while he was wearing a long black coat.

Suraj dressed up for the occasion in a black leather jacket and cowboy hat. A champagne celebration and the cutting of the bachelorette cake were also held. Shree Gurung, a well-known figure from the previous election, also made an appearance. A few days prior, Shrinkhala hosted a bachelorette party at a Nagarkot resort with former Miss Nepals.

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