Namrata Shrestha’s Warning: Don’t take my silence as weakness.

Kathmandu: Actress Namrata Shrestha made a public statement about actor Saruk Tamrakar’s suicide case. She has expressed dissatisfaction over the unilateral attack. Namrata connected the Saruk suicide case in a lengthy status she posted on Facebook on Monday for the first time to make her point.

Namrata described Saruk as a promising, helpful, and friendly person and stated that the incident surprised her. In regards to this occurrence, some media sources were compelled to publish news, and some filmmakers, film directors, and executives are biased towards them. “There may have been so many social attacks on me because I’m a woman, or perhaps because it’s a society where men predominate… My family and our legal team were attentively observing that kind of behavior. I beg of you not to consider my silence a weakness,” she wrote.

She says that speaking to the media would interfere with the inquiry process and that she has not yet done so. She continued by saying that she appeared and gave her statement when the police administration contacted her.

“But here a handful of people washed their hands unilaterally; everyone has read that in the media,” she said. “Glorifying a delicate subject like suicide is inappropriate.”

Namrata and Saruk had worked together in the film ‘Hashtag’.

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