Hemant and Eleena bring ‘Mayale Nai Ho Raichha’ Deuda Song (Video)

Deuda song in the voice of Hemant Sharma and Eleena Chauhan has been released.

On Thursday, the Deuda song with the lyrics ‘Mayale Nai Ho Raichha’ was released through Hemant Sharma’s YouTube channel.

Singer Sharma said that through the song, he tried to spread a little fragrance of the beautiful far west to his listeners.

The song has lyrics by Hari Upreti and the music is composed by Tripti Khadka. Directed by Nikesh Khadka, the music video features Samarika Dhakal and Bijay Pun.

The video of the song was shot by Rupesh Thapa and edited by Bikash Dhamala.

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