Shilpa and Kameshwar signed in Sudarshan Thapa’s ‘Rawayan’

After actor Anmol KC and actress Neeti Shah of Miss Nepal background, two more actors have been added to the film ‘Rawayan’, directed by Sudarshan Thapa. On Friday, the production team signed actress Shilpa Maskey and actor Kameshwar Chaurasia in the lead roles. Producer Supriya Katuwal welcomed Shilpa and Kameshwar to the film and shared a picture on Facebook.

Anmol will reportedly play a double role in the film, which will begin shooting in Bhadra. He will be pairing with Neeti. They will collaborate for the first time. According to rumors, Anmol will play Rawayan and Neeti will play Sita in the film. This film, which will be made under the Sudarshan Thapa Productions brand, has a story, a script, and dialogue written by Shivam Adhikari.

Previously, actress Pooja Sharma was going to produce a film with the title ‘Rawayan’. She had contracted Anmol as her partner. But afterward, due to various reasons, Pooja was unable to continue with the project, and now director Thapa will make “Rawayan” under his full control. It is claimed that Pooja, who views Sudarshan as a mentor, now has the status of a rival as a result of this film.

Except for Sudarshan’s Prasad 2, Pooja hasn’t missed a film since the Sudarshan-directed ‘Madhumas’ film. Their collaboration was fruitful. Director Thapa is getting ready to make a film without Pooja, nevertheless, after nearly nine years. As a result, the market talk that the master and the girl’s relationship has soured will gather a lot of momentum. Pooja, on the other hand, is also producing and acting films in her own way.

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