Rajesh Rai’s ‘Jhalko Jyankai Aaune’ released (Video)

Singer Rajesh Rai has brought a new music video ‘Jhalko Jyankai Aaune’. Singer Rajesh, who brought dozens of his earlier songs to the audience, this time released a song with the lyrics of Jhalko Jyankai Aaune.

Rajesh Rai, who was the winner of Nepal’s Singing Super Star Season-1, had songs like ‘Todiyo Todiyo’, ‘Kalo Kalo’ and ‘Arkhaule Bazar’ which were loved by the audience and sources. Singer Rajesh is expected to be liked by the audience and sources.

The song has a combination of word creation by Durlav Jantare, music by Raju Senchury and arrange by Subin Senchury. The video has been directed by Durlav Jantare. In the video, you can see the performances of Indra Kharel, Usha Upreti, Durlav Jantare, Amit Loharung Rai and Prem Shrestha.

The video, shot and edited by Pawan Susling, has been released through Rajesh Rai’s YouTube channel.

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