Bipin and Miruna in lead roles in ‘The Woolen Sweater’

Adopting a new style of film announcement, Artmandu has announced the film ‘Wool Sweater: The Woolen Sweater’.

The film was announced through musical environment by releasing the title song on Sunday. In addition, Artmandu, which gained popularity through musical films by establishing a new way of storytelling, announced the top cast and crew in the announcement of the film.

The film will have actor Bipin Karki and actress Miruna Magar in lead roles. This is Miruna and Bipin’s second collaboration after ‘Lalpurja’. The film will be written and directed by Nabin Chauhan.

Nabin has produced more than a dozen musical films through Artmandu like Teenpatey, Ghumi Ghumi, Fulthunge Rani, Chandramna, Pahuna Hajur, Sunakhari, ‘K Maya Lagchha ra?, Batauli’.

While making a musical film, I was thinking of a story with an organic flavor from a feature film. I am happy to make the announcement today. Charges have been added to me. I will try to make a good and different film,” said director Chauhan.

Actor Bipin said that this film will be special for him. I have collaborated with director Nabin before in Batauli and Ghumi Ghumi. I have full faith in his work. This film covers a lot of things. I am happy that it will be better with the newness,” he said.

Actress Miruna said she was already a fan of Artmandu’s work and was keen to collaborate. I am watching their work as a fan. I am happy to collaborate more,” Miruna said, “The character that Nabin told me, I was excited to hear. When I listen to the song, I am very excited to go to the shoot.’

The film has singer Sujan Chapagain and Jhuma Limbu as the music director. Sujan said in the program, “We are starting our dream by putting you in front of us.” We hope to always be with you at our destination. We have walked with a dream. We will try to make you feel loved and liked.

The title song for the film was written by Harak Saud. He narrated his experience while writing the song, ‘You have liked everything we have done. Writing 5 lines of the title song of Woolen Sweeter was as difficult as making a sword out of 20 iron shards.

Along with Bipin and Miruna, Alex Bishwokarma Paras, Parikasha Limbu, Anil Subba and other actors have been finalized in the film. It is said that the rest of the cast will be finalized soon.

Anil Subba and Suraj Tamu are casting directors in the film. The film will be shot by cinematographer Chintanraj Bhandari.

The film will be edited by Krishna Bhandari. The background music director will be Kobid Bazra while the publicity design will be done by Royal Bhimsen of Tritend Concept.

The film will go on floors from the first week of Mangsir.

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