This is the trailer of Uday Subba’s film ‘Dui Kadam’ (Video)

The trailer for the film ‘Dui Kadam’ directed by Uday Subba has been released.

The trailer for the film was released on Wednesday through the OSR Digital YouTube channel. The public trailer shows the love, romance, and banter between actors Eon Limbu and Simon Giri.

Tara Dev Limbu is a producer of the film, which is produced under the banner of Ajambari Films and features a cast that includes Eon Limbu, Simon Giri, Gaurav Pahari, Sunil Thapa, Kabita Ale, Surbir Pandit, Prem Subba, Buddhi Tamang, Arjun Gurung, Bimala Limbu, Jiban Limbu, Chanda Dahal, Pritika Sharma, and others. One of the film’s songs features actor Wilson Bikram Rai in a special role.

The film was shot in Dhankuta in the east, Basantpur in Tehrathum, Ilam, Jhapa and Dharan. The film has a story and screenplay written by Daya Ram Ghimire, cinematography by Bikram DC, music by Tara Prakash Limbu and Bikash Chaudhary, lyrics by DP Khanal, action direction by Raju Kiranti, choreography by Ram Ji Lamichhane and editing by Prabin Dahal. Both FD Company and Rich Entertainment are handling the movie’s distribution.

This film will be screened on Mangsir 29th.

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