The distributor of Nepal announced that they will not run ‘Adipurush’

The controversy over the dialogue about Sita included in the Indian film ‘Adipurush’ has taken a fierce form in Nepal. The screening of the film has been stopped from Monday in major cities including Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dharan. After the theater businessmen also removed the film due to peace and security reasons, the Nepal distribution company Venkates Entertainment has officially announced that the film will not be shown across the country. 

Manoj Rathi Group’s Venkates Entertainment issued a statement on Monday and said, ‘Based on the statement made by the mayor of Kathmandu Balen Shah on social media, the demonstration was suspended due to the reason of peace and security and the mayors of various municipalities in the country also ordered a shutdown. The closed business is informed.’

It is said that ‘Adipurush’ has entered Nepal for 2 crores 20 lakhs Nepalese rupees. To collect this amount, the film would have to earn more than five crores. However, the film’s screening in Nepal was stopped within three days, causing a huge financial loss to the distributor. Distributor Rathi says that they will not even seek legal treatment against the order of various municipalities to stop the release of the film. 

Kathmandu Mayor Shah had given a deadline of three days to correct the dialogue of ‘Janki is the daughter of India’ used in the film. However, instead of correcting the dialogue, after the producer sent a letter stating that Sita’s birthplace was not mentioned in the dialogue, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City decided to stop the screening of all Indian films from Monday. And, its influence reached other cities as well.

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