After the song became controversial, Raju Pariyar’s request: please censor the video

A new song composed by D.R Sujan, ‘Nepali Hamro Jaat’ has been dragged into controversy. Raju Pariyar, one of the singers of this song which conveys a message against caste discrimination, has given an explanation on social media saying that he was forced to sing.

He expressed his complaint on Facebook saying that he was made to sing a song by giving only an interval. In the video, the scene of one caste against another caste called Jindavad and Murdavad is presented. Singer Pariyar is being criticized for this scene. Comments have been received suggesting that we should live together as caste problems flare up with such scenes. The audience objected to the slogans used in the song.

After the audience fell on him, singer Pariyar writes, “When this song was recorded, I only gave an interval of the song to be sung.” I did not know who sang the song later. The next day others sang. D.R Sujan, the creator of that song, could not be contacted. I request everyone not to bring me into controversy by giving these kinds of songs.

Pariyar has also requested that the video of the song be censored and made public. I am building a civilized and beautiful society, a beautiful combination of all castes, languages ​​and religions. Where is the society going? Let everyone be aware of where we are going. Please do not intend to make me controversial in this way again,” he said. In this song which was released four days ago, along with D.R Sujan, Raju Pariyar, Hemanta Kanchha Rasaily and Dharma Gandharva have given voice.

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