Nawal’s media stunt to run the film!

Today, Mahabharata is more about drawing audiences than making films. Even the explosively promoted films have been cut short due to lack of audience. Where is it easy to take money out of the audience’s pockets? For this, the film itself must be strong. However, some makers believe in more publicity stunt than films. Sometimes it’s a love affair, sometimes it’s breakup. However, now such stunts are cheaper than the limit. 

Producer and artist Nawal Khadka is an experienced character in the case of stunt extraction. What should be a small matter, he turns the mole into a mountain and starts a media battle. A good example is the film ‘Kandetaar’. He is making a big deal out of the censor board’s request to put beeps in some dialogues and remove some scenes from the film. And, they are playing media without saying that they are hungry.

Nawal, who had been warning to go to court after the Censor Board did not give him a certificate by objecting to some dialogues and scenes, called a press conference against the Censor Board in the capital on Tuesday, calling everyone from leaders to political analysts. On the same day, he even went to a television debate with Viral Punya Gautam. He is still trying to raise the issue of the film being stopped by the censors.

Nawal has well understood that talk sells. Therefore, he is not in favor of stopping immediately by speaking against the Censor Board for the benefit of the film. According to filmmakers close to Nawal, he wanted the censor to stop the film. And his aim was to promote the film by raising this issue. Now he is busy with this. 

Censor Board member Rishiraj Acharya argues that the propaganda of Nawal Khadka is not necessary. He says that the censors asked him to correct some words in the film because they interfered with the internal affairs of other countries. Some scenes have to be removed. Some have to beep. He said that things that cannot be included in policy and law cannot be included. Since he is also a producer, he has been able to promote.’ 

How much Nawal is hungry for discussion is also known from his statement about the Hindi dubbing of the film ‘Prem Geet 3’. He called the team of this film as anti-national and traitors. He even had the opportunity to give an interview against this film. He is currently the President of Film Producers Association. However, his nature and style are making a mockery of the dignity of the presidency.

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