Jasita and Dheeraj donated their labor to the water supply project of Harak Sampang

Actors of the movie “Jackie: I’m Twenty One” which is being screened have reached Dharan and donated their labor to the water supply project being run by Mayor Hark Sampang. The film’s top actors Dheeraj Magar, Jasita Gurung and Prem Subba supported the work of Sampang by carrying pipes.

Sampang welcomed them at the work site and praised the artists as jewels of the nation. Now we should not only talk about Hollywood and Bollywood. Nepali films should also be prosperous. Everyone should promote for this. The state should recognize it,” he said.

He said that although he is a lover of art and literature, he has not been able to become sharp in art. I am an unsold singer in the market. Because of the bathroom singer, that could not happen now. He loves art and literature,” Sampang said. Speaking on the occasion, actor Magar said that the story of the film belongs to Dharan and he portrayed the role of Jackie Limbu in it.

Jasita also said that the audience will find herself in the film. The film unit also organized a press conference in Dharan. Directed by Rensha Bantawa Rai, this dance drama will be screened on 21st Baisakh.

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