The paintings of Nepali artist Sneha Shrestha are collected in the American Museum of Fine Arts

If you live in Massachusetts, USA, you have a chance to see a huge and fascinating mural by Nepali artist Sneha Shrestha. Under the street name ‘Imagine’, she has brought the buildings of cities in Allston, Cambridge, Lynn, Dorchester, Worcester and beyond to life with Sanskrit and Nepali letters.

Sneha’s writings depict the alphabet and culture of the motherland on the walls and walls of America. The signature murals of this international Nepali artist can be found in Cambodia, Istanbul and her birthplace Kathmandu. Her art is as lively and personal as she is.

Now there is new news about Sneha. She has become the first Nepali contemporary artist to be included in the permanent collection of the Massachusetts Museum of Fine Arts, one of the largest museums in America. Last February, the museum in Boston permanently kept a picture of affection named “Home 416” in the museum.

“Home 417 encompasses many things on one canvas,” said Laura Weinstein, curator of the Museum of South Asian and Islamic Art, “It speaks to the language and art of Nepal through Boston’s street and public art scene.” It also contains words and scripts to express basic human truths and needs. It also presents a new perspective of the artist widely across the city.

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